Why Should I Prep?

I am not someone who thinks society is on the brink of total collapse. I don't think the "End of Days" is coming. I do not believe Obama is the antichrist bent on instituting martial law and destroying the world.

Build resilient systems

"An escalator can never break, it can only become stairs." Mitch Hedburg

Multiple sources of power

There seems to be significant distrust of the reliability of the power grid. Many people prep to live without electricity. But why prep to live without when you can prep to have abundance? And you don't have to wait for disaster to reap the benefits.

Having just one source of anything is a bad idea. I hope to see a future with distributed power generation. Where the loss of one source cannot significantly harm the overall operation of the system.

Running the numbers on food storage

Trying to pick a supplier for emergency food storage isn't as easy as I had hoped. I want to get my money's worth but some companies seem to be playing shell games with me.

#1. Calories per dollar. 

A person needs about 2000 calories per day in a normal diet. In an emergency situation you may need much more if you are exerting yourself a lot, or could survive on much less if it is just not available. Hopefully life can stay as close to normal as possible.

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