Multiple sources of power

There seems to be significant distrust of the reliability of the power grid. Many people prep to live without electricity. But why prep to live without when you can prep to have abundance? And you don't have to wait for disaster to reap the benefits.

Having just one source of anything is a bad idea. I hope to see a future with distributed power generation. Where the loss of one source cannot significantly harm the overall operation of the system.

Many of us now have whole home generators that ensure a short term power outage will have little impact on us. The problem with these is the short term aspect. They require some form of no renewable fuel, unless you are producing your own biodiesel (and you should). Can you run it for a week if necessary? How about two? A month? A year?

The growing popularity of solar panelsis a more long term solution. It is only one piece of the system though. I would like to see every house, or at lease every neigorhood with wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric (where possible), geothermal systems, and diesel generators. All connected with a grid that instead of supplying everyone simply moves excess capacty to where it is needed. When your systems are producing more than you consume you sell to those who are drawing more than they are producing and when your systems fail, or if you are unable to generate enough for your current needs, you buy from systems that are working.

To conclude I would like to point out a very promising distributed power generation technology. One common complaint about solar power is that it takes very large solar arrays to generate large amounts of power. Where are we going to put them? We already have significant land space just soaking up sun rays. They are called roads and parking lots. Solar Roadways hopes to turn them all into power generators. I think it is one of the best ideas I have ever heard. The roads are sitting there in the sun anyway, embed solar panel in them. The only problem I have with the current project is that they are trying to build the road surfaces as panels which is not a very practical way to make roads. I would like to see the electronics made as more of a fabric that can be rolled out and then sprayed with a clear epoxy that hardens to form the actual road surface so that making a new road is more like laying asphault than assembling a puzzle.