Why Should I Prep?

I am not someone who thinks society is on the brink of total collapse. I don't think the "End of Days" is coming. I do not believe Obama is the antichrist bent on instituting martial law and destroying the world.

Here in the Washington D.C. suburbs we have been unfortunate enough to have several wake up calls in the past few years that you can't just expect everything to always go along smoothly. Who knew an earthquake was even possible here. That was a surprise. One night I went to bed and noticed it was a bit windy outside my window. I thought nothing of it though, what is a little wind? When I woke up the next moring the power was out. We had been hit by a derecho. What the heck is a derecho? I'm still not sure but the power was out to several family members for a week. Think about that. Wake up one morning and no power for a week with no warning. Then Superstorm Sandy formed. We had plenty of warning and watched and waited to see where it would turn. Turn sooner it hits us, turn later it hits New York and New Jersey. It turned later.

It is important to note though that these events did not cause a total collapse of society. We did not suffer through a world without rule of law. People got through it. But in these instances, supplies were still readily available. The problems were very localized. The infrastructure was still intact. I might not have had power but the gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants still did.

The Phillipines are trying to recover from Typhoon Haiyan right now. Seeing the people on the street there with no food and water and little shelter is a view of a what happens when the disaster is just a little bigger. Notice how many died in the storm. Take a little notice of how long it is taking to get supplies to many of the areas. How many people are there in need of medical care compared to how many supplies and doctors there are? Now this is a country that is no stranger to typhoons. They had warning and major international assistance in recovery. But this storm was just a little bit bigger and hit in just the right way to cause them a serious problem.

The Phillipines will get through this. They will rebuild and the infrastructure will work again. But the people have been and will be going through some serious stuff while that is happening. 

This is what I prep for. That gap of time between "I didn't see that coming" and "so glad that is over." The two key words to me are "Sustainable" and "Resilient." I seek to build a life that is comfortable and where the unexpected is just an event, not a disaster. I prep to stay safe, keep friends and family safe, help those who need it, and rebuild when necessary.

I don't need to believe that the government is out to get me or that the entire global economy is going to collapse to do that. I just need the self respect to plan ahead so I am in a postion to give help rather than ask for it.

UPDATE: And now a chemical spill in West Virginia has forced 300,000 people to live without water for a week. Do you think you could live without water for a week? Excuse me while I go double my water storage.